Ulti smart gainer will help you get the muscle and weight gain you want quickly and correctly.
Ulti smart gainer makes it simple to add the needed calories to your daily nutritional ther unique complex of ulti smart gainer provides all the essential amino acids that your boudy needs to grow. promix is a special combination of ultrafiltered .
Low temperature processed whey protein concentrate,instantized calcium caseinate,eggwhite powder and sodiom caseinate.
Ulti smart gainer emphasizes the amount of protein per serving since it is the most prominent macronutrient proven to build muscle mass.
Promix has a superior amino acid profile.
outstanding bioavailability. it is low in lactose and mixes instantly with no blender required.
ulti smart gainer also includes unique carbohydrate complex consisting of glucose polymers (95% sugar fat) and low glycemic fructose.
This complex is a superior source of carbohydrate that provides you with quality calories and an excellent source of long-lasting energy.
Ulti smart gainer use just enought carbohydrate to help fuel your workouts and replenish depleted glycogen stores to optimize recovery.

Direction: add 4 heaping scoops to 18-20 fl oz of water,skim milk,whole milk,or your favorite beverage and skake or blend for 30 to 60 seconds.
Use 1 serving between meals or at bedtime. it may by recommended to use 1/2 of a serving 2 times daily.
Warning: please consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutritional program. if you have diabetes,hypoglycemia or are under a physician before using this product.
These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. this product is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure,or prevent any disease.
Please store in a cool, dry place and replace lid after each use.
Keep out of reach of children.


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